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East Germany Podcast - Radio GDR

Nov 26, 2019

On Episode 14 of the Radio GDR Podcast, the world's only English language podcast about East Germany, host Shane Whaley gives you the low down on a new Berlin attraction TimeRide Berlin that allows you to travel into East Germany via Checkpoint Charlie.

I kid you not, the TimeRide Berlin, a new virtual reality experience in Berlin made me feel like I was a time traveler. Full disclosure, this was my first VR tour experience but it blew my mind.

So much so, that I decided to record a short field report on my experience crossing into the GDR via Checkpoint Charlie virtually.

I was actually quite emotional towards the end of my virtual journey via TimeRide into the GDR. I have studied the GDR for most of my life, whether that be through my love of GDR stamps, reading books or watching footage of the DDR on YouTube.

I never set foot in East Germany, I never crossed through Checkpoint Charlie into the GDR because I was 14 when the Berlin wall fell. I was too young. The TimeRide made me feel as if I was a time traveler, TimeRide delivered on their promise to immerse me in the divided city of Berlin. So much so that I kept reaching for my iPhone to snap photos before realizing I was not actually there.

I highly recommend this VR experience and hope to bring you an interview with the folks behind it. For Radio GDR listeners, the TimeRide experience is a must-do when you are visiting der Hauptstadt next.