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Radio GDR - East Germany Podcast

Apr 29, 2022

We Radio GDR hosts all agree on this simple truth - our favorite interviews are of you the listeners and members of the Facebook group. Jeff Myers joined the group in January of 2022 and has proceeded to post some of the most captivating photos of his trip to the GDR in 1987. From pictures of old East Berlin to Trabants to an eerie "teaching assistant" Stasi officer observing a class, Jeff's pictures tell a story of a trip he's never forgotten. Today an Associate professor at Wake Tech Community College and host of the Let's Talk Wake Tech Travel podcast, Jeff went to the GDR in 1987 as a study abroad participant at Salzburg College where he took a class on capitalism vs. communism. The trip to the GDR inspired his love of travel, and he's been to 54 countries including Cuba, Myanmar, China, Vietnam, and even North Korea in 2007. He has taken 23 trips with his students and teaches at his former study abroad college, Salzburg College, every summer. Join us as Jeff tells us about his trip behind the Berlin Wall.


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