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Radio GDR - East Germany Podcast

DDR Museum Director- Gordon von Godin Interview

Dec 9, 2018

DDR Museum Director Gordon Von Godin joins Anke Holst and Shane Whaley on the Radio GDR Podcast.

On this episode of Radio GDR (the only Podcast about East Germany in English) Gordon shares with us:

  • the mission of the DDR Museum
  • some of the exhibits that are available for viewing at the DDR Museum
  • how the DDR Museum aims to achieve a balance by showing the daily life of East Germany whilst acknowledging the sensitivity of the issues around the Stasi and the dictatorship of the German Democratic Republic.
  • the reaction of former GDR citizens to the DDR Museum
  • the best time of the day to visit. The DDR Museum can get very busy, Gordon reveals the best time to visit and why you should consider a 'Skip the Line' ticket during the summer months.
  • how much time you should spend in the DDR Museum to get the most out of it. (If you are a GDR history nerd like Shane you may need more time.)
  • his favorite items in the DDR Museum
  • more about temporary exhibitions such as Love, Sex and Socialism

    • what was it like growing up in East Germany?
    • where he was when the Berlin Wall fell
    • music that Gordon enjoyed in the GDR.
    • the impact of shows such as Deutschland '83 for generating interest in the DDR.

    And Much More!