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Radio GDR - East Germany Podcast

Oct 22, 2020

In this episode of the East Germany Podcast - Radio GDR we go on a journey of Rock and Pop Music of East Germany.

Our good friend John-Paul Kleiner (GDR Objectified) is in the East Germany podcast host chair for this one. He is joined by Dr Edward Larkey, an expert on GDR music and author of Rotes Rockradio.

John Paul turns his hand to DJ'ing as he plays some hand-picked tracks from the GDR. He has kindly put together a Spotify playlist of GDR Music to accompany this episode about the music of East Germany.

There are plenty of themes in this episode about Rock and Pop Music in East Germany, here are just a handful that John Paul and Dr Larkey discuss:

  • Evolution of how the Party's acceptance and understanding of "pop music"
  • The GDR's "pop music" system: how did it work, who was approved, how much censorship was there and how did that work?
  • Was there a distinct "GDR pop music"? Was it genuinely popular? What was its relationship to Western music?
  • Their favorite songs and bands from the GDR.
  • And Much More!