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Radio GDR - East Germany Podcast

Oct 10, 2020

This episode is dedicated to our friend Neil Tooley who sadly passed away last week.   In this episode of we explore the world of East German movies and DEFA, the studio that produced them. I know nothing about East German-made movies so in this episode we are joined by two East German Cinema buffs to find out more.

I was delighted when Jeffrey Babcock reached out to me, pointing out that we had not covered an important element of life in East Germany - East German movies! We are not referring to movies about the GDR such as Goodbye Lenin and The Lives of Others, but movies that were made in the GDR.

Jeffrey who curates East German movie screenings at the Goethe Institute in Amsterdam teams up with Jim Morton the man behind the East German Cinema Blog.

So come on a journey with us on the East Germany Podcast as Jeffrey and Jim guide us through the world of East German Cinema. They share some of their favourite East German movies that they feel are a good place for those of us who are new to East German films to start.

What East German films should you watch? Check out Jim Morton's recommendations here